Dreaming of those summer waves and days at the beach? Imagine riding a perfect wave continuously for over 300m no matter the weather!

MD Coaching offers wakesurfing sessions behind our Nautique G21. Get out on the water with friends and enjoy the fun and excitement of surfing together! None of you will have to watch from the shore and we’ll get the tunes going on the boat while you surf.

We aim our wakesurfing sessions at all abilities. You’ll find all the equipment you’ll need at our location at Ellingham Waterski and Wakeboard Club in Ringwood, Hampshire. All you need to bring is a swimming costume and towel and we will provide the rest!

WakesurfingOur Nautique G21
    • The Nautique Surf System (NSS) with WAVEPLATE® technology is seamlessly integrated into the hull of the G21
    • With 2,850 pounds of sub-floor ballast and the ability to customize our wakesurf waves, it stands alone at the top
    • The boat’s JL Audio MM100 sound system means you can get the tunes going while you surf!


    Our facilities and equipment
    • Wetsuits, buoyancy aids and boards for all ages and sizes
    • 32 acre sheltered lake
    • Experienced coach to get you going if it’s your first wakesurfing session
    • Clubhouse with showers and BBQ area

    Wakesurfing sessions

    Wakesurfing sessions are the most fun when you share them with friends or family. When you fancy a surf and the sea is flat, we’re here to help! A single 15 minute wakesurfing session is £26 and you can book single or multiple sessions as an individual or as a group. Give us a call on 07506 380238 to find out more about discounts for groups.